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Actually, who is the Devil?

The name 'Ravana' obtains from the root ru - shabde raavayati iti raavaNaH 'one who makes people cry by his violent actions.' Ravan is a character in Hindu mythology, who is the primary antagonist of the Hindu historical epic the Ramayana. In the classic text, he is mainly depicted negatively as the ruler of Lanka, the head of devils, demons and all negative characters. Ravana was a Brahmin, a great scholar, a capable ruler, a player of the veena and a devoted follower of Shiva. The symbolic meaning of ‘10 heads’ is that he is guided by various opinions and does not have control over the five senses and five bodily instruments of action. So, Ravan can be perceived as a symbol of the evil in its various aspects, the subtle and the physical ones.

In the western culture people know the Devil or Satan. The Devil ('slanderer' or 'accuser') is believed to be a powerful, supernatural entity that is the personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind. The Satan (‘the accuser’); Persian: "sheytân"; Arabic: ash-Shayān (‘the adversary’) is an embodiment of antagonism that originates from the Abrahamic religions, being traditionally considered an angel in Judeo-Christian belief, and a Jinn in Islamic belief. Originally, the term was used as a title for various entities that challenged the religious faith of humans in the Hebrew Bible.

There are many similarities in descriptions of Ravan, the Devil and the Satan. Some of their images are also similar. All of them are symbolic, allegoric and metaphoric depictions which can be found in all the cultures, religions across the world.

However, vital questions are: ‘Who is Ravan or the Devil in the reality? What is the source of all those stories? Is the Evil an impersonal spirit or energy or does it have a real form?’ By finding answers to these questions, we will find an answer to the most important question in the world that concerns absolutely every human being. The question is: What is the source of all the dirt in the world: crime, violence, corruption, wars, quarrels, divisions, murders, incest, alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, exhibitionism, pedophilia, homosexual relationships, obsession with lust, sexual abuse, mobbing, rapes, discrimination, concentration camps, mass slaughters, bloody revolutions, democracy and communism, mental and physical diseases, suicides, accidents, calamities… is there the end of the list?

The answer to this question is not to be found in the sacred scriptures of the world heritage. The answer won’t be given by any of the human religious fathers like Abraham, Buddha, Christ and others. The answer won’t be given by any of the world famous scholars, academics, teachers, philosophers, doctors and so on. They have spent almost 2500 years speculating why this world is what it is and neither they reached a breakthrough, nor did the world become better through their talking and writing. On the contrary, it has been becoming worse and worse. The answer to this question is in a completely new knowledge taught by ShivBaba since the year 1976.

According to ShivBaba’s teachings the world is passing through the time of the confluence, meaning the 100-year period of transition from one cycle to another. During this period it comes to the subtle ‘shooting’ of the entire scenario of the next cycle. The same happed at the end of the last cycle, when the shooting of the entire scenario of the present cycle took place. The subtle shooting taking place in each confluence age reveals itself in physical forms in the next cycle. It is one of the laws ruling the universe. Every cycle has exactly the same shooting and exactly the same scenario. So, whatever happened will happen again and whatever is going to happen has already happened. The entire heritage of today’s world (scriptures, monuments, rituals, idols, teachings, philosophies, religions and so on) is only the reflection or manifestation of the shooting that took place at the end of the previous cycle. In other words all of them are memorials that contain symbols, allegories, metaphors and other traces describing subtle events of that time. The same is happening now, in the period 1936-2036. ShivBaba teaches that if people understand the shooting, they will understand the source of good and the source of evil in the world.

In one of his classes ShivBaba said: ‘There is a shloka is Sanskrit “Brahma hain Ravan” (Brahma is Ravan). No one pays attention to it at this time. One day people will understand what it really means. Then, they will…’ So, let’s try to understand what ShivBaba teaches and discover the real Brahma and the real Ravan.

Brahma is the first of the three murti (body of a human) used as an instrument by the Supreme Father Shiva when he becomes the Performer in the human world in the confluence age. Through Brahma he plays the role of the Mother and establishes the new world of the subtle Brahmins (the family of the Brahmins known at this time as the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University) that is supposed to be the basis or the root of the new cycle. In the period of 1947-1969 he gathers selected human souls of 9 main religions in that family and teaches them the highest law on the basic level. He entrusts them with the task of communicating those teachings to all the human souls in the world in an unadulterated form as the teachings coming from the Supreme Spiritual Father, the Father of all the souls. In this way he made them instruments in the subtle shooting of the new cycle on the basic level. However, the students do not obey the rules established by him. They violate all the rules. Finally, they deny the existence of the Spiritual Father in this world, establish the cult of Brahma and announce that Brahma is the corporeal form of God the Father and the Father of the World. This act initiates a sequence of outrageous actions violating the law set by the Supreme Father and leading to announcing and advertising across the world that not only Brahma, but also three main leaders of the Brahma Kumaris of the present time, BK Janki, BK Gulzar and BK Prakashmani (who died in 2007) are incarnations of God. In order to be able to prove this before their students and the public, the leaders of the Brahma Kumaris falsify the original teachings and the history of the organization. Those among students who try to stand against them, warn people and speak the truth are severely pursued and defamed by the Brahma Kumaris. The first one was Veerendra Dev Dixit. He is ShivBaba’s first student in the world who provided the Brahma Kumaris with irrefutable proofs of their illegal acts leading to the shooting of the dirtiest acts already in early 70-ties. The Brahma Kumaris have been defaming him in private and in public till today.

Brahma of the confluence age has already become famous across the world. He is Dada Lekhraj, who died on 18th January 1969 in Mount Abu, because of a heart attack. This Brahma is described in scriptures as an old man, dark, with a beard and moustache, with four or five heads, many arms in which he holds scriptures and lotus flower. Stories describe him as the one who gives boons to devils (asuras). He gave many boons to Ravan. In fact, by doing this, he created Ravan. That is why images of Brahma display some similarities to images of Ravan, his spiritual progeny. ShivBaba explains that these are memorials. In reality, in the confluence age of each cycle this role is played on the basic level by Dada Lekhraj (Brahma Baba), who becomes an instrument in the role of the Mother (brah and mA means great mother). Even today the Brahma Kumaris say that Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba is giving them only love. No matter what children do and how cruel they are, the mother tolerates, loves them and wishes them best. ShivBaba says that this kind of love spoils everything and creates devils, because it doesn’t maintain balance with law and gives birth to five vices: lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. On the basic level these five vices in their female and male aspects are represented by Ravan’s ten heads. Those heads-vices are progeny of Brahma’s love. On the top of Ravan’s head there is another head – a head of a donkey. What does the donkey symbolize? In various cultures it is used as a symbol of limited intelligence, ignorance, stubbornness, someone who does heavy and repetitive tasks. ShivBaba says that first of all the donkey symbolizes body consciousness and it is body consciousness that gives birth to vice and vice creates the dirt of this world. ShivBaba also says that the greatest weakness of Brahma, meaning Dada Lekhraj, is his attachment to the body. That attachment makes him close his eyes to all evil traits in the children of Brahma, give them boons and let them violate law hoping that maybe one day they will reform themselves. This act of Brahma is an act of a donkey. The law says: ‘Iron cuts iron, poison destroys poison’. The shooting of Brahma giving birth to his spiritual progeny Ravan has already taken place. Both, Brahma and the sons and daughters of Brahma have been revealed and are famous in this world. These pictures are memorials of their acts in the confluence age of the last cycle:



ShivBaba explains that:

· Beard and moustache are symbols of vice.

· Dark or blue colors symbolize impurity.

· Various heads represents variety of opinions, points of view, various teachings.

· Many hands means that both Brahma and Ravan have many helpers and supporters.

· Scriptures held in hands symbolize that they have knowledge of scriptures.

· Weapon held in hand symbolize violence.

· Lotus symbolizes purity.

The knowledge taught by ShivBaba gives all the humans the final answer to the question: ‘Actually, who is Ravan?’ and what that short Sanskrit shloka ‘Brahma is Ravan’ means. ShivBaba’s knowledge shows clearly that Brahma Kumaris inserting the name ‘pita shri’ in the True Gita narrated by the Supreme Father is an act of making the son be the husband of the mother that is violence and incest. Establishing the cult of Brahma (Dada Lekhraj) as a corporeal form of God the Father, announcing BK Prakashmani as the Mother of the World are acts of spiritual incest. Denying the existence of the Supreme Father in the world and showing him as a point in empty space is an act of atheism and spiritual murder of the father. Publishing the images of three BK heads as God’s incarnations is an act of considering humans to be God (Shvoham, I am the form of Shiva). Spreading the message that God is present in BK Gulzar is act of spiritual incest and one of the most serious violations of law established by the Supreme Father. Introducing the practice of the drishti exchange among BK students and 5 times a day traffic control are acts of spreading subtle polygamy, spiritual terror and the Islamic traditions in the world. Organizing festivals, birthday parties and funeral, displaying living and dead bodies are acts of worship of the five elements. The list is of these acts is so long as long is the list mentioned at the beginning. Everything has already had its shooting in the Brahma Kumaris and there is no way to erase those acts. All of them in their violent physical forms as the worst dirt of the humanity will be revealed in the next cycle and all humans will have to pass through this again as there no eternal liberation. Every human soul is bound to play its eternal role in this eternal ever rotating human drama.

The role of Brahma in the confluence age was revealed through Dada Lekhraj:

Dada Lekhraj Kripalani Brahma

The Brahma Kumaris are the world wide famous progeny of Dada Lekhraj Brahma.

Related points from ShivBaba’s teachings:

· The description: ‘This is a divine or devilish clan’ can be done in the Confluence Age itself. (21.04.74)

· Some become heirs of the divine and some become heirs of devils (in the form of the 5 vices). (02.05.73)

· Anything violating the law of God should be considered as the tradition or rule of Ravan (Ravan Sampraday). (30.01.74)

· Now both Ram and Ravan gatherings are present. All this (shooting) happens in the Confluence Age (in the Brahmin family). (26.04.74)

· Who brings you down? Various gurus. (02.12.74)

· Who causes downfall (durgatti)? Of course, those gurus themselves. (24.08.74)

· Gurus are punished most. (19.03.72)

· Hell is created because of human teaching yoga. (22.04.72)

· Even murderers are not as punished as much as the children here. (02.05.73)

· Keep spreading this: ‘The true liberation through one True Guide. Degradation through various human gurus. (14.02.74)

· There are those who establish the kingdom of Ram, so certainly there will be also the one who establishes the kingdom of Ravan. (08.06.74)

· Ravan is the seed of the jungle of thorns. (16.07.74)

· Ask any of the (Confluence Aged) scholars, shankarcharyas: ‘Who is Ravan? Why do they make (an effigy of) Ravan?’ They will say: ‘This is only a representation(of the 5 vices).’ They don’t know, then how can they give an answer? (20.02.73)

· ‘Ravan’ and so on, all these are names (of bodily beings). They make (an effigy of) Ravan. They call many people from abroad, but they don’t understand what it means at all! (23.12.74) (This is the remembrance of this confluence).

· These are the children of Ravan (5 vices, the children of Brahma). Similarly there are the children of Vishnu - two Lakshmi and Narayan (1 pair of Shankar-Parvati of the Confluence Age and the other Radha-Krishna of the Golden Age). (24.05.73)

· They show Vishnu with four hands. Similarly, Ravan is shown with 10 heads. The 5 vices of male (5 vidharmi Narayans) and the 5 vices of female (the 5 vicious Mandodaris, wives of Ravan). The four-handed Vishnu has been shown in the same meaning. (14.10.73)

· When Ravan comes, conflict starts a home (Bharat) first. They fight and die there. They separate their own provinces. (08.08.74)

· Why do you burn Ravan? Because he burns you so we burn him. (20.10.72)

· The kingdom of Ravan should certainly come to an end. Pure Brahmins are needed in the yagya. (29.06.77)

· He (ShivBaba) is such an elevated father that he should come in a king or the body of a pure rishi. The sanyasis are pure. Would he come into a pure body of a virgin? But there is no such a law. [He is] the father then how will he ride on a virgin? (15.10.69)

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